Thursday, 20 November 2014

My Secret To A flawless Base | Beauty

I get so many questions on how I make my foundation look so flawless, and besides the fact that I am quite lucky to have good skin, the real techniques beauty blender Is definitely my secret weapon. 

This pint size sponge Is literally my holy grail when It comes to foundation application. I simply soak this baby in water and dab away until my foundation looks like Its been airbrushed onto my face. The top picture of me has not been airbrushed or tampered with at all, I uploaded It straight from my camera as I thought I depicted the results the sponge gives perfectly. I haven't used a brush to put my foundation on for nearly a year now, and I swear by the complexion sponge, and for only £5.99 you cant go wrong.

Foundation I use -HERE
Complexion Sponge - HERE

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Kate Moss 107 | Beauty

(Instagram shot)
One of my all time favourite lippies that I will never get sick of, Is Kate Moss 107 by Rimmel. The purse friendly lipstick is matte in formula with an Intense co,our pay off  with is dupable to a few high end lippies. 

Forever laying In the bottom of my handbag, this lipstick Is definitely one that needs to be In your collection, If It Isn't already.

You can pick up this shade from HERE


Saturday, 15 November 2014

8 Skirts You Need This Season | Fashion

Top Row L-R | Karbie £12.99 LINK  | April £24.99 LINK | Mariota £19.99 LINK | Jazleen £19.99 LINK |  | Mariota £19.99 LINK | Alanis £19.99 LINK | Mariota £19.99 LINK  |  Adriane £19.99 LINK 

For under £25 these skirts will definitely add a punch to your wardrobe, whether Its for a night out, or you layer them with turtle necks and oversized coats, there Is something here for everyone.

Friday, 14 November 2014

Current Favourites | Beauty

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How To Go Blonde | Beauty

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Winter Wants | Fashion

I think lately my thing has been coats, and these are definitely on my list of things to buy.

Asos Khaki coat - Link
Asos Grey Maxi Coat - Link 

Monday, 3 November 2014

Asos Rely On Me | Fashion

This year I was stressing about what my footwear would be come the colder months. After living In sliders for what seemed an eternity, I wasn't looking forward to the transition between the Summer and Autumn Season.

After stressing about what some might call "nothing". I have come to the conclusion that I will be living In my Nike Theas ( Similar Here )  and pointed boots, be it over the knee or your staple chelsea.

These boots from Asos are going to be my next purchase, in fact I have another window open as I type processing my order *Productive multitasking*. I just love the simplicity of them and  the added patent texture will just breath that extra bit of life into any outfit.

With a name like "Rely on me", how could you not....I mean It would be silly not too.

Asos Rely On Me Boots - Here